This Adidas golf joggers review is the last you’ll need to read.

When you’re out on the course finding the perfect stance, you might find that you’re suddenly hyper aware of how your pants feel against your skin. Your comfort levels make an impact on your overall gameplay, so it’s essential to wear garments that are natural, flexible, and comfortable — not to mention stylish.

When reviewing Adidas’ golf joggers, we took a look at everything from the fit to materials.

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Our Adidas golf joggers review

Among the many golf pants available in the market, the Adidas golf joggers remain a favorite among many golf enthusiasts and professionals alike. So, is it really worth the hype? In this article, we’ll review Adidas Golf Joggers to see if they really live up to their promise of versatility and comfort.

What’s unique about the Adidas golf joggers?

Before diving into the pros and cons, let’s first get to know their general characteristics. The most distinct difference between these and other golf pants is the tapered legs. These fit the ankles closely; unlike regular pants, joggers are designed to free your feet. This makes it easy to settle into a stance or travel around the course.

Adidas Golf Joggers are also made of stretchy fabric, helping you make broader movements without restrictions. They’re also soft and breathable, bringing the comfort factor to another level.

As of writing, there are three variations of the Adidas Golf Joggers:

  1. The HEAT.RDY Jogger Pants for men
  2. Essentials Jogger Pants for women
  3. Stretch Jogger Pants for women

Key Features to Remember

Here are some key features to remember before buying golf joggers from the Adidas lineup:

  • Recycled Materials: All Adidas Golf Joggers are made partly from recycled ocean plastic. Each garment has yarn from Parley Ocean Plastic, which is made from upcycled marine debris.
  • Tapered Leg Openings: The design provides a slim-fit look while keeping your feet free of excess fabric and remaining flexible enough for your most dramatic swings.
  • HEAT.RDY Technology: The HEAT.RDY option for men is made to remain comfortable even during hot conditions.
  • Drawstring Waist: No need for a belt; you can simply adjust the drawstring loop for a looser or tighter fit.

Adidas Golf Joggers Pros

There’s a lot to like about the Adidas Golf Joggers, so it comes as no surprise that they remain best sellers in their category. Here are some of the things that we liked best about these garments:

  • Comfortable: While these golf joggers are partly made of plastic, you’d never guess it. The material is soft, breathable, lightweight, and flexible, allowing it to move without any hitches. Whether you’re swinging or settling into a stance, these pants will conform to your body.
  • Stylish: While many see joggers as informal attire, Adidas Golf Joggers are made for even the most prestigious settings. You can even bring them outside the course for gatherings, dates, and other social events.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Many of Adidas’ new items are made using partially recycled materials. Not only are you getting something made of quality fabric, but you’re also helping to reduce pollutants in the environment.

Adidas Golf Joggers Cons

While these aren’t dealbreakers, we think these aspects of the design have room for improvement:

  • Limited Colors: There are currently only two color options available for all variations of Adidas Golf Joggers. These neutral blues and grays are fine, and they’re even great colors that can serve as the foundation for your overall look. However, we wish that there were more options available.
  • A Bit Short for Some: The tapered ends of the joggers mean they only reach a certain length before it looks awkward. If you’re a taller person, you might want to size up to ensure that the length is right for your height.


Stylish, versatile, and comfortable — these qualities make Adidas Golf Joggers a great choice for beginners and professionals alike. If you want a change from your regular pants, try something form-fitting and lightweight with these joggers. Add these to your cart or visit the nearest Adidas store before they’re sold out!

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