If you’re considering buying Lululemon golf joggers, this is the last review you need to read.

When Lululemon was founded in 1998, it didn’t just take the yoga world by storm. It also began paving the road for a new trend in clothing and apparel that we today know as athleisure. The brand’s ambassador program – filled with influencers, athletes, and yogis alike – made Lululemon a staple for enthusiasts across the globe. The company has since expanded its products to include running, dancing, and training apparel. Fans of such additions to the label swear by its high-quality designs and features. 

Most recently, Lululemon has tackled the world of tennis and golf apparel in March of 2022. With styles for both women and men, golfers everywhere are asking, “Is the Lululemon ABC Classic-Fit Pant worth the investment?” This review will tell you everything you need to know. 

The Warpstreme™ Fabric

Do you know what makes Lululemon a luxury-grade brand? Its design team spends a lot of time creating proprietary, long-lasting fabrics. They put a lot of effort into developing new styles and performance metrics to stand out from existing products on the market. In fact, they dedicated their Whitespace Lab at the Vancouver Headquarters to conducting experiments that require humidity-controlled chambers, exercise machines, and dunk pools. 

The Warpstreme™ fabric — the material used on the Lululemon ABC Classic-Fit Pant — is one of the standout textiles that came from this lab. It somehow resembles denim, but it offers so much more for golfers. Namely, we were impressed with its stretchability, breathability, and wrinkle resistance. It’s qualities like these that make the pants feel smooth against your skin. And the quick-dry capability means you don’t feel gross with sweat on those hot summer days you find yourself in the sun as you play through all 18 holes. Lululemon boasts that the fabric is adaptive, dynamic, and spacious.

Well … we could not agree more. With the Warpstreme™ fabric, you can play golf all day in the summer without feeling sweaty or uncomfortable. We recommend these pants for golfers everywhere. 

The Style

The Lululemon ABC Classic-Fit Pant offers a casual vibe that works on and off the course. We love how it will get you into any exclusive club just as easily as it will get you beyond the lobby of any corporate center. You can use it for casual meetings on Zoom at the coffee shop or for the all-business meetings in the boardroom. 

Either pant leg falls right above the ankle, showing off some socks or skin. For this reason, you can mix and match it with various shoe styles and sock colors and patterns. 

If you prefer longer pants, you’re in luck because this pair is available in different lengths, not to mention in 14 classic colors that will surely match any wardrobe.

Here are some of the other features we love:

  • ABC™ technology: Lululemon uses an ergonomic gusset to provide the wearer with unmatched comfort. 
  • Hidden zippered pockets: The pants have sleek, secure pouches that keep essentials safe without being too bulky. 
  • Reflective cuffs: You can roll up the bottom of your pants to reveal such subtle yet beautiful details. 

The Price 

We can’t review Lululemon pants without mentioning the price. The Lululemon ABC Classic-Fit Pant 32” retails for $128. While this price may seem too high for golf pants, it falls within the brand’s usual range. A little price-checking reveals that almost every golf apparel product is approximately the same price. 

We think it’s a bit steep for golf pants, especially if you compare it with other leading athleticwear brands. For instance, Under Armour, Adidas, and Puma all offer similar items well below $100. However, these golf pants are also of high quality, which means it’s still worth considering the Lululemon pair if you’re looking for something to last in the long run. Given that you can wear them on and off the course, we still recommend them for price-sensitive golf enthusiasts. Remember, not all golf pants are ideal on and off the course. 

The Verdict on Lululemon Golf Joggers

Are the Lululemon ABC Classic-Fit Pant 32” worth buying for $128? Yes, they are. 

Between the Warpstreme™ material that can stretch, breathe, and fight wrinkling and the ABC™ technology that lets the wearer move with ease, there’s plenty of reasons to love these golf joggers. 

Plus these pants don’t just feel great on and off the court, they also look great on and off the court. They may cost more than other products, but you will get more wear out of them in the long haul. And even if something does happen, you can always take them to a Lululemon store, where they will replace pants that wear too quickly. 

If you don’t have the Lululemon ABC Classic-Fit Pant yet, we recommend getting at least three of them to mix and match with the rest of your golf and casual wear.