Golfing is a sport that requires a lot of movement and comfort, and it’s important to choose the right pants to ensure you have a successful day on the course. Under Armour offers a variety of golf pants for women, each with its unique features and benefits. Lucky for you, we’re here to help you navigate choosing the best Women’s Under Armour Golf Pants for you. 

Under Armour Women’s Links Pants: 

Pros: Under Armours Women’s Links Pants are made from a lightweight, stretchy fabric that allows for maximum mobility and comfort. The moisture-wicking technology helps keep you dry, while the UPF 30+ protection keeps you protected from harmful sun rays. The classic design and style make these pants versatile, perfect for both on and off the course. 


Cons: The lightweight fabric may not be as durable as other options and may show signs of wear and tear more easily. They may also not provide enough warmth for cooler days on the course.



Under Armour Women’s Enduro Pants: 

Pros: The Enduro pants feature a durable, water-resistant fabric that is perfect for those wet, rainy days on the course. The stretchy material provides added comfort and mobility, and the tapered leg design gives you a stylish, modern look.


Cons: The water-resistant fabric may not be breathable enough for hot, humid days on the course, which can cause discomfort. The tapered leg design may also not fit all body types comfortably.


Under Armour Women’s Rival Knit Pant: 

Pros: The Rival Knit pant is designed with a soft, knit fabric that is perfect for chilly mornings on the course. The pants are lined with a warm, brushed interior, and the high waistband provides added comfort and coverage.


Cons: The knit fabric is not as durable as other fabrics, so you may need to replace these pants sooner then others. If you hate high waistbands, then you will find that the added coverage just causes you discomfort. 


Women’s Under Armour Tech Capri: 

Pros: These capris are a perfect choice for warmer days on the course. The breathable fabric wicks away moisture, while the anti-odor technology keeps you feeling fresh all day long. The capri length is perfect for those who prefer a shorter pant, and the sleek design gives you a stylish, modern look.


Cons: If you don’t like having a little breathing room in your pants, or if you get cold on the golf course easily, then the capri option is not for you as it does not provide full length coverage. 


Women’s Under Armour Coldgeari Links Pants: 

Pros: Coldgeari Links Pants are designed to keep you warm and protected from the elements on those cold, blustery days. The insulation technology helps to trap in heat, while the water-resistant fabric keeps you dry. The stretchy material provides added comfort and mobility, making these pants a great choice for those chilly days on the course.


Cons: Because Women’s Coldeari Link Pants are insulated, you may find yourself overheating on warmer days. 


Choosing the right pair of women’s Under Armour golf pants depends on your personal style and the conditions in which you will be playing. Whether you need a pant for wet days, chilly mornings, or warm afternoons, Under Armour has a variety of options from women’s golf pants to fit your needs.