Instantly recognizable by its comfortable and fashionable men’s wear, the Original Penguin brand can be worn for both professional and casual occasions. However, golfers also love the fine qualities that a pair of Original Penguin Golf Joggers can bring to the course. With a great selection of design, fabric, and color options, Original Penguin has something to offer for all kinds of golf players. 

Amount of Comfort 

Original Penguin offers a wide range of fabrics which includes cotton blends and performance materials to create a great selection of apparel, including these joggers. These golf joggers, in particular, are made from 49% nylon, 28% recycled nylon, 15% polyester, and 8% elastane, which provide extreme comfort no matter what size you get them in. Upon wearing the joggers, you’ll notice that they’re breathable, lightweight, and very soft, adding to their appeal. 

Because of these benefits, they’re perfect for golfers who live in hotter areas. They feature a comfortable, stretchy waistband, a necessity when playing golf. They offer enough wiggle room to stay comfortable even if you gain a bit of weight. That said, Original Penguin is made for those with a slim or athletic build, so they may fit snugly around the thighs depending on your body type. 

How They Look

Original Penguin golf joggers come in three gorgeous colors, Quiet Shade, Caviar, and Black Iris, all of which I would purchase, simply because they look that good. The design offers just enough flair without going too far from traditional joggers; the joggers come with multiple pockets for easy storage, as well as ribbed bottom cuffs. As mentioned, they feature stretchy material, an elasticized, ribbed waistband, and a drawstring. 

These joggers combine aesthetics with comfort, allowing the wearer to walk from one hole to another in style while staying cool. Because they offer multiple pockets, it’s easy to keep your essentials close by while you play. Moreover, they use double weave fabric, which means that it’s not only more durable but also provides a softer touch against your skin.  

I have to say that in terms of appearance, these pants are excellent; because they don’t come with slits at the bottom or any other form of detailing. They have a minimalistic look that anyone can appreciate. Another great advantage of their design is that they are made to be flat in the front. You won’t find any sharp creases, which makes them look more casual and flattering. Finally, I love the fact that they stay in place, so you don’t have to constantly pull them up. 

Level of Performance

There’s more to performance than comfort, and these Original Penguin golf joggers tick all the boxes. With moisture-wicking abilities, comfortable fabric, and a stretch waistband, you’ll find that you’ll have a pleasant experience whenever you wear a pair of these joggers. What surprised me was the fact that the flex waistband also offers some grip, which helps to keep your shirt tucked in. 

Another plus to these joggers is the stretchy material that moves with you. It’s loose enough that every swing is comfortable and unrestricted. In the summer heat, you’ll enjoy its moisture-wicking abilities; the pants can keep nice and dry. Because they’re made from breathable materials, you can enjoy game after game without breaking a sweat, provided that you’re also wearing an Original Penguin shirt or polo. 


Most people will probably know about Original Penguin for their casual clothing, but the performance of their golf wear shouldn’t be underestimated. Through a great combination of style and comfort, apparel by Original Penguin is some of the best to wear if you plan on going out to play golf during hot summer days. 

If there’s one thing I’m sure about, it’s that I’ll be filling up my closet with Original Penguin clothing items very soon. 

What are you waiting for? Whether this will be your first pair of Original Penguin golf joggers or your fifth, be sure to get a pair today to get the comfort and performance you deserve while playing at every course.

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